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30th May 2018, 11:54 AM in The Maritime Myth of The Mystical Mermaia
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CACKLE.N.COMICS 30th May 2018, 11:54 AM
Momma Fish Girl, Imani, Triton, Gotheia, Seathina, Joey the cabin boy, his soon to be wife and the rest of mermaid-kind await the opening of the whirlpool vortex that will take them to that one other planet where mermaids will finally live in peace and happiness. Sam, Kevin, the Pilot and the rest of the crab looking submarine's crew stand on top of the aircraft carrier ship saying their goodbyes. Seeing all these wonderful creatures depart, they contemplate for a moment if the mermaids were really bad for what they did... Kevin points out an important observation "It's a relief that they're leaving but are we doing the right thing? I mean sure they destroyed many things and killed a lot of people, but humans were, among many other injustices to mermaidkind, destroying their home, the Seven Seas." They all stay silent and pretend not to look at the coincidentally passing by water pollution, fish suffocated by plastic and polar bears on a melting iceberg. Then, the Pilot realizes something too, he believes he left his wallet on that other planet, "I knew I should've bought one of those chain wallets" he thought. In reality though, he never took his wallet there... And lastly, Sam too has learned a valuable lesson from all of this, he erroneously believed that all mermaids were the same, all evil, but he was wrong. This whole time he was blaming the death of his brother on the entirety of mermaid-kind but in truth, it was just the fault of that one evil mermaid he killed. Now he knew better than to blame a whole species for the wrong-doing of one individual and the world was a little bit brighter because of this revelation in Sam's life. They all waved goodbye to the mermaids who were leaving to the other planet and yes even a tear fell from Sam's eye. Who would've known that in the end he would actually miss mermaids? "They taste delicious" he answers, then in a reminiscent manner shakes the hands of the pilot, Kevin and the rest of the crew. They all hug each other and cry all the while the sun sets. Goodbye mermaids, to many you may be just a Myth, but to these group of sea loving ruffians you were very real. The End.