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The Ocean under the Ocean

23rd May 2018, 12:18 PM in The Maritime Myth of The Mystical Mermaia
The Ocean under the Ocean
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Author Notes:

CACKLE.N.COMICS 23rd May 2018, 12:18 PM
"The Ocean under the Ocean"

The old wise man from the hidden room inside the Old King of Persiandies' chambers told them a tale of the ancient times where a great hero called Myrtilus fought and defeated the Evil Water Spirit of Many Names. The hero was sneaky cause he lured the Water Spirit to Atlantis with all the sea creatures, ocean monsters, lake leviathans and the rogue river rapscallions of the world. He did this by promising them all a ton of fun, because you know that's what Atlantis was known for. He lured them to the Caldera Caverns promising them some pretty great wonders down there. They ALL believed him, especially the Evil Water Spirit of Many Names because she secretly had a crush on Myrtilus. When they were all inside the cavern a giant rock sealed them in, Myrtilus barely escaped by telling them that he forgot the map leaving them just at the right moment. Then all these evil creatures tried to force their way out by each using their special ability to get out, instead they accidentally destroy Atlantis' foundation. The Island lost its oceanic crust which was sitting in between two major tectonic plates. The weight not only sends Atlantis to the ocean floor, but it also sinks into the ocean under the ocean. Myrtilus with the help of a few good mermaid friends seal them in there permanently with a bunch of hot lava from Vulcan himself. Why from Vulcan himself? Because everyone knew that once the lava from Vulcan cooled down it would become a mystical solid rock prison to any ancient evil. So, with this act he not only defeated the Evil Water Spirit of many names but also rid the world of ALL water demons and for this many mermaids thanked him because this was hindering mermaid-kinds progress. They held a great parade for him and he was remembered forevermore. So now the crew knew what happened with Atlantis and what mermaids feared the most. So maybe they could turn those ancient evils against the Evil Mermaid Empire right? But why would they want to do such a thing? Release a whole bunch of ancient evils? That was something only mad men would do! But they had to do something right? Because even with the army of Perasiandies on their side they are still shorthanded so they had to do something that would certainly divide the Empires forces, they had to give The Allied Mermaid Army a chance. They had no other choice but to unplug the mystical solid rock prison and release those ancient evils from the Ocean under the Ocean. Before they embark on their journey however, they ask their new found friends to join them, Kevin and the old wise man must stay to ensure the weapons get to the Allied Mermaids, but Gotheia agrees to lead them there. Everyone needed to hurry though because the final battle was mere seconds away from beginning.

PS: Public Domain Image in the middle used from Orlando Ferguson's 1893 Flat Earth Map