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Gotheia, Champion of the Black Sea

22nd May 2018, 6:47 AM in The Maritime Myth of The Mystical Mermaia
Gotheia, Champion of the Black Sea
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CACKLE.N.COMICS 22nd May 2018, 6:47 AM
The pilot had an idea. While Imani was out recruiting more sea dwellers, they had to get some more allies themselves. But by this point, many who inhabited towns and cities by the sea shore were being evacuated. Mankind knew they couldn't win against mermaids on water, so country after country, really had no choice but to retreat inland. Perasiandies was a different kind of Supreme Ocean Nation though, they had many effective underwater weapons farther advanced than even those of the Americas. This is why the mermaids chose to disable them so early in the game. Someone from the crew had to take the kingship of Perasiandies. No one wanted it though mainly because of the dangers in getting the crown. They all drew straws and Kevin's was the shortest. They quickly sped off to Perasiandies. When they got there Kevin told the government officials there that he wanted to be king, everyone present laughed for about twenty minutes straight, even Sam and the pilot. Kevin received a list of things he needed to do before becoming King, the first was to make his very own crown out of plastic and then like ninth (and very last) on the list was to fight the Perasiandies Underwater Gladiator Games winner, Gotheia, Champion of the Black Sea... to the death. Admittedly, this was the thing that people feared the most. Nevertheless, Kevin may have had his flaws, but he was no quitter. He did the first eight on the list rather quickly, in about an hour, then the moment everyone was waiting for, the fight with Gotheia, had arrived. Sam, the pilot and Kevin all walked down to the Lake Coliseum. There the guards pushed Kevin in to the water to fight. Kevin told Gotheia that they didn't have to fight and that she could be King if she wanted to, all they wanted was the weapons to defeat the evil mermaids. Gotheia said nothing and attacked him with her curved karambit blade. Kevin ducked and Gotheia's blade got stuck on Kevin's newly created crown, made mostly of those six pack plastic ring wrapper things. Sam and the pilot were uneasy through all the fight (which seemingly was already over) but the guards wouldn't let them help his friend. Gotheia gave up, a first for her. Everyone in the crowd started yelling "kill her, kill her, kill her" but Kevin never killed anything in his life, so he refused and the fight was declared a forfeit. But they crowned Kevin anyway because he was going to be the closest thing they ever got. Many wondered if Gotheia gave it her all or if it was just that she saw that Kevin was actually an improvement for king. Whatever it was, moments later Kevin signed the 'now you're king' documents, they had a quick ceremony and then he made a speech to his newly acquired people. In this speech, he asked for the location of the secret weapons. No one knew. Saddened, the crew and Kevin went back to the castle and coincidentally found a hidden room inside the king's chambers. Here was an old wise man locked inside with a ton of secrets and very willing to share them. More importantly they found the secret weapons which were also stashed away in this giant room.